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Thank you for your interest in the cost-effective sales and marketing solutions offered by Chuck Micallef


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  • Hoag Ostling, Chief Application Engineer, Yokogawa Corporation

  • Additional References provided upon request


    Premier Computer Systems Inc.
    105 Commerce Drive, Suite F
    Fayetteville, GA 30214
    (770) 461-6500

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Are you looking for a dynamic individual? Someone with know how to get the job done? Someone with good interpretive and organizational skills that can learn your business and get your company focused on a successful path? I hired Chuck Micallef for the marketing direction that our company needed for all the reasons stated above and more.

    My partner Bill Czap and I established Premier Computer Systems Inc. in 1995. We are both software developers with a good sense of customer service, but little sales or marketing skills. Needless to say our marketing efforts were fluttering at best. Late last year, we were invited to a trade show where we knew we needed to make a huge impact if our company was to survive. Knowing Chuck had started his own business endeavor and had experience in such areas, I called upon him to come and consult with us to organize this marketing push.

    The results were tremendous. Chuck came in, quickly learned what we did, learned our market, recognized our needs, and intuitively approached us with a proposal and plan that made sense and was within our budget. We had a very successful trade show walking away with numerous sales leads and contacts. All his efforts are reflected in our continued success. Since then, we have continued an active business relationship with Chuck and we will continue to call upon him for our marketing direction needs.

    I would highly recommend Chuck to anyone who is seeking a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual with excellent business and interpersonal skills. Please feel free to contact me at (770) 461-6500 for any further questions you may have.


    Serge Remillard, President
    Premier Computer Systems Inc.

    Entegra Corporation
    13509 South Point Boulevard
    Suite 150 Charlotte NC 28273
    Business 704.588.1003
    Fax 704.588.9007

    Attention: Mr. Chuck Micallef
    Reference: Thank You!

    Dear Chuck,

    I want to thank you for your assistance in helping us in our transition from EI Serve to Entegra Corporation. Your marketing guidance and creativity were instrumental in our company meeting its corporate identity presentation goals on time and under budget. We were particularly impressed with the quantity and quality of the magazine exposure you helped us secure through your media contacts.

    As a start up company you helped create and develop the Entegra marketing program as well or better than a full time employee could have. You participated as an integral part of our team and was instrumental in the development of our Logo, our mission statement and our website layout. Your creativity gave us the inspiration we required.

    Your experience was also instrumental in the development of our Sales and Marketing strategic plan. The Entegra corporate brochure you created was so well done it served as our banner promotion piece for customers and financial investors.

    We can't forget your help with last years ISA Trade Show were we gained more exposure due to your trade show & promotion plan including the pre-arranged press conferences than we could have gotten had we purchased a booth on the trade show floor.

    If any of your potential clients would like to discuss your merits with me I will be happy to oblige them. Feel free to give them my telephone number or email address.

    Thank you again for your excellent contribution on behalf of all of us at Entegra. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.


    Walter H Steward
    Executive Vice President / General Manager

    At SmartSignal, we have had the good fortune to work with a number of top tier consultants. Chuck Micallef is one of those top tier consultants.

    While working for SmartSignal Corporation, Chuck provided strategic and insightful leadership on product development, pricing and sales development projects. Moreover, his understanding of the manufacturing industry and marketing insights for that audience, is without peer.

    Add to this skill base an out-going personality, an inquisitive mind and a "can-do" attitude. The result is someone who consistently delivers on his promises.

    Chuck made a significant contribution to SmartSignal Corporation's Sales and Marketing efforts - one we will not easily forget.

    Gary W. Conkright
    President & CEO
    SmartSignal Corporation

    ITASCA, IL 60143
    PHONE: 630.467.1300
    FAX. 630.467.1198

    Attention: Mr. Chuck Micallef
    Subject: Thank You For Your Support & Contribution!
    Reference: Control Supplement - HART Communication Foundation

    Dear Chuck,

    I want to thank you for your assistance in helping us create an excellent Supplement for our August 2001 Issue sponsored by HART Communications. Your contribution enabled this to be one of the most pain-free projects of this type. Knowing that this was a first time supplement for the HCF, we were a little apprehensive - to their ability to keep this project on track and on budget. With your coordination and assistance, we were able to exceed everyone's expectation! Thank you!

    Looking back on the project; your initial document defining the goals & objectives as well as identifying all necessary targets got us off on the right foot The correspondences that you created to introduce this project to the HCF Members made it easy for me to follow-up and close the necessary ads.

    As we moved further in to the project your insights and industry experience paid off as we finalized the articles and identified a few areas for improvement. Your document defining possible changes was very helpful to our editors and clearly demonstrates your ability to communicate to the process control market.

    As the supplement moves closer to going to press, I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and appreciation for your contribution and support of this project. I will highly recommend you to other organizations as the person who can pull independent companies together for a common cause and deliver exceptional results. Let me know if you ever need me as a business or personal reference. I will be happy to endorse your market knowledge, enthusiasm and project management ability.

    Thank you again for your excellent contribution on behalf of all of us at Control Magazine and Putman Media. We produce very few 40-page supplements and you should be proud to have played an important role on this project. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.


    Greg Zamin
    District Manager
    Putman Media

    Dear Chuck:

    For more than one year now, you've contributed to the Sales & Marketing efforts here at SmartSignal. Your experience in the technical product area has been extremely helpful. It is rare to find such a unique blend of product knowledge, market knowledge, sales, marketing, press relations, trade show expertise and other promotional skills.

    The purpose of this letter is to commend you on the recent work you did to lead SmartSignal's "Team 2.0' - our first cross-functional team focused on new product development Your leadership and time commitment on the project was essential to driving this project to conclusion. We are very pleased with the final product of this team, and I know your leadership was a big part of the success.

    Thanks again for all of your efforts, and we look forward to your continued work as part of our team. Please feel free to use me as a reference if necessary.


    David L Brochu
    Vice President Sales & Marketing
    SmartSignal Corporation


    Paul Gertner

    The Paul Gertner Group

    380 Butler Street

    Pittsburgh, PA 15223




    Live Presentations That Get YOUR Message Across Corporate Marketing Through MAGIC


    Dear Chuck:


    I just wanted to say that is is always a pleasure to work with you on one of your trade show projects.  Coming from the perspective of a vendor who is providing a service to one of your clients: Hart Technology I get to see both sides of the picture.  I have to say that I have not worked with anyone who can pay such close attention to every detail of a project and make it fun at the same time. 


    You have gone out of your way to make sure my presentations in your clients exhibit were the best and most effective they could be each year.  And then, the next year you looked for ways to improve on the improvements.  I think that any business that has a desire to kick their marketing efforts into high gear would be wise to just give you the ball and let you run with it.  They will be very happy with the results.




    Paul Gertner


    The Paul Gertner Group


    Hoag Ostling
    Chief Application Engineer
    Field Instruments Business Unit
    Yokogawa Corporation of America

    Phone: 770-254-0400 X4472
    Cell: 678-521-1002
    Email: hoag.ostling@us.yokogawa.com

    Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for making me look good!

    I was concerned about the short schedule for our promotional video project and I'm really glad we had you in our corner. I was amazed that within two weeks of our initial strategy session that you had completed a dynamite
    script, pulled together the voice and video talent, and were in the studio wrapping up the first cut of our video. Thanks to you we made a great video, on time and under budget.

    Of course, I took all the credit, but isn't that what consultants are for? <GRIN>

    The final product has been well received and our global affiliates are just as excited as our local top management. We expect to produce thousands of copies of this video to share with our customers and introduce our new FieldMate product. We're planning a large distribution using the mini-CD's for trade show hand outs and full size CD's for mailings. We will also be making this video available as a streaming download from our website. So we'll be getting a lot of mileage out of your work.

    Thanks again.

    Hoag Ostling